Marfiandhi Putra and Rio Mukhtarom successfully passed the 2018 Google Developer (GDK) activities. GDK 2018 was held in 10 cities in Indonesia, one of which was Makassar. GDK is part of Google’s program in Indonesia to create 100,000 Indonesian Developers. GDK is implemented by Google Developers in collaboration with Dicoding. Dicoding as the executor provided online classes, the Kotlin Android Developer Expert (KADE) Class. Dicoding is the only Google Authorized Training Partner in Indonesia with a curriculum that is recognized and complies with Google standards.

This activity is held from September to December and is divided into 2 batches. This activity is not only carried out in the form of online classes, but also offline classes. The meeting was held twice as a place to meet between participants and facilitators. Each facilitator guides a maximum of 20 participants. Participants can consult online with the facilitator.

Each participant is given 1 month to complete the KADE class. In the KADE class, we learned about the introduction of Kotlin, retrieving data from the API, and testing applications. In addition to the material, the KADE class also provided as many as 5 assignments. The task was as a training forum for participants in learning the KADE class. Dicoding also provides reviewers for tasks that have been collected. The reviewer gives input to participants about the tasks that have been made.

“GDK is a very good program. My android programming skills have increased rapidly after joining this KADE class. Initially, it was actually pessimistic because it was only 1 month, not to mention college assignments and having to learn a new language. But finally, it can be solved, “Rio said.

“At first I just tried it, but because of my seriousness and perseverance, I was able to complete this KADE class without interrupting my lecture activities. This is only a matter of self-management and commitment to be able to complete this KADE class, “Marfiandhi said.

This GDK program will continue until 2020 as Google’s commitment to Indonesia. Hopefully, other students can take advantage of useful activities like this.