The final assignment of Computer Science Study Program students before carrying out research results seminars is obliged to present the results of their research at reputable national or international conferences. The research results of 4 Computer Science Study Program students were successfully accepted on the the IEEE 2nd East Indonesia Conference on Computer and Information Technology – EIConCIT 2018 which was held on November 6-7 2018 at Novotel Makassar. The four student names and their research titles are as follows.

  1. Yolanda Gabyriela Ferandji, Performance Comparison of Image Edge Detection Operators for Lontara Sanskrit Scripts.
  2. Dewi Ayu Hartina, Performance Analysis of GraphQL and RESTful in SIM LP2M of the Hasanuddin University.
  3. Nur Nilamyani, A Preliminary Study on Identifying Probable Biomarkers of Type 2 Diabetes using Recursive Feature Extraction.
  4. Nurul Hardiyanti, Classification of Human Activity based on Sensor Accelerometer and Gyroscope using Ensemble SVM Method. 

    In addition to the four students mentioned above, there were also research results of lecturers on behalf of Armin Lawi who were also successfully accepted at EIConCIT 2018 with the title Comparison of Classification Algorithms of the Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis .