Center for excellence in education, research and community service in the field of information reliability and big data analysis with the unique characteristics of the Indonesian Maritime Continent (BMI) in 2030


  1. Education: Organizing undergraduate education (KKNI Level 6) in the development of superior and competitive Computer Science in understanding the concepts and implementation of information reliability and big data analysis.
  2. Research: Organizing studies through lecturer and student research on the topic of information reliability and big data analysis that can help understand and solve computer science problems.
  3. Community Service: Organizing service to the community by applying the field of computer science in a professional manner conceptually and implementively in solving the problem of reliability of information on big data analysis.


In carrying out its vision and mission, the Computer Science Study Program sets the direction that will be the target and objectives of the study program. The objectives of the Computer Science Study Program are:

  1. Produce professional educational outputs in the provision of competent experts in computer science in a responsible manner to support the development and development of national ICT systems.
  2. Produce professional educational output in computer science research in a holistic, comprehensive and integrated way to help solve ICT problems independently
  3. Produce educational output that is professional in applying computer science to the development of independent and sustainable national ICT progress that is socially responsible for working together in partnerships both nationally and internationally


The goals to be achieved by the Computer Study Program are in accordance with the objectives of the computer science study program:

Objectives of Objective 1:

  1. The growing talent of students for the formation of scholars
  2. The development of the quality culture of the learning process
  3. Increased attractiveness of institutions for prospective students

Objectives of Objective 2:

  1. Development of research-based learning
  2. Development of national and international cooperation networks
  3. Increased application of superior research results to improve the quality of life, welfare, and competitiveness of the nation

Objectives of Goal 3:

  1. Increased quality and community service activities
  2. Reinforcement of cooperation networks with various government and non-government institutions
  3. Increased quality of life and community welfare